Besides Flagship 4nm SoC, MediaTek 5nm SoC is Also in Work

MediaTek 5nm SoC

MediaTek 5nm SoC

The cell phone market in 2021 has obviously not yet stabilized, in the subsequent time there will still be various brands to bring their new products, but for this year’s cell phone chip market seems to have become a fixed trend, expecting a substantial improvement in the processor again users may have to wait until next year to see it.

With the out-of-print Kirin chip, and Qualcomm flagship chip limited by heat, power consumption, and other reasons for poor performance, we are increasingly looking forward to MediaTek’s flagship chip, especially after this year’s Dimensity 1200 chip achieved such results, but also highly appreciated, word of mouth straight up.

According to some bloggers to bring the contents of this information, MediaTek in addition to the 4nm process Dimensity 2000 flagship processor, there will be a TSMC 5nm process-based sub- flagship chip, the main competitor target is aimed at Samsung’s 4nm process mid-range chip, and in terms of price will be done at the mid-range price, very competitive.

Recall that a few years ago the 7nm process is still the mainstream flagship processor, but from next year the 4nm process is made into a sub-flagship mid-range chip, the speed of development of cell phone processors can be fast.

MediaTek’s 4nm process chip has already been tested by some manufacturers, if it goes well and the test is okay, it is likely to overlap with Qualcomm’s next-generation flagship SoC Snapdragon 898 listing time, and the two new flagship processors will compete on the same stage.


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