Huawei Mobile App Engine Downloadable File Leaked: Can Run Multiple Android Apps on Laptop

Huawei Mobile App Engine Downloadable File

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Huawei Mobile App Engine Downloadable File

A few days ago, Huawei officially announced through a microblogging article, will be held on September 13 at 19:30 Huawei intelligent office new conference in China, the theme is “free to create, borderless communication.”

Followed by official announcement that hint the upcoming release of new laptops, from the picture, the overall shape of this notebook is very thin and light, should be a main focus of the mobile office portable thin and light book. Furthermore, Huawei hinted that the new laptop can run Android Apps with self-research Huawei Mobile Engine.

Huawei’s new product will be able to directly run Android App, can take into account part of the cell phone experience, which will bring great help to the office scenario and improve efficiency.

Today, the Huawei Mobile App Engine public beta downloadable file has leaked by ItHome’s source. Huawei Mobile App Engine is 1.03GB in size, indicating that it can be used to install Android Apps on laptop. (Download link at ItHome’s site).

Furthermore, Weibo blogger shared a screenshot of “Huawei Mobile App Engine”, which can run mobile apps on Huawei PCs, all from the official Huawei PC app market. Currently known features are as below:

Huawei Mobile App Engine Description: Officially provided by Huawei, a tool software that can run mobile applications on Huawei PC. All mobile applications come from Huawei PC official application market, you can operate the Internet class, watch mobile short video, edit pictures and videos, play mobile games, etc. on PC with larger screen and more efficient input than cell phone through keyboard and mouse. Multi-window display is consistent with Windows experience, parallel view vertical experience, vertical screen applications more exciting.

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