Xiaomi’s Four New Models Appears on MIIT: Monalisa on the Way

Xiaomi's Four New Models Appears on MIIT

Xiaomi’s Four New Models Appears on MIIT

Previously it has been rumored that Xiaomi will also launch a series of models that focus on photography shortly, according to the latest breaking news, the machine has finally obtained the network certification, which we will soon be able to see.

The new iPhone series this year is coming soon, the major domestic cell phone brands are not idle, many new machines have surfaced in recent days. Today, Digital Chat Station brings the content of the explosion, Xiaomi’s four new models appear on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website which are 21091116C, 21091116AC, 21091116UC, and 2109119BC.

The K9B is the high-end version I mentioned before, the engineering machine supports selfie watermark, the screen tested 120hz, the image has a certain small upgrade compared to the K9D, the processor is still SM7325, the code name is mona, K9D code name Lisa, together is the Mona Lisa.

The K9D is rumored to be the new Xiaomi CC11 to be released this month, while the K9B is naturally the Xiaomi CC11 Pro as the high-end version, but the two phones do not differentiate in the processor, are using the Snapdragon 778G, the difference is mainly in the camera, and the two phones together called Mona Lisa code name, also corresponds to the product positioning and the main beautiful, selfie words like that.

Hardware, Snapdragon 778G support is equipped with three 14-bit ISP image signal processor, specific model Spectra 570L, can process 2 billion pixels per second, triple parallel processing, single shot up to 192 megapixels, can also shoot professional 4K HDR10+ video, support more than 1 billion colors.

When the CC9 was released it was tied with Huawei’s flagship of the year in the DXO rankings, tied for first, so in terms of photography, the CC11 should still bring surprises this time.


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