Samsung Plans to Launch 576-megapixels Camera Sensor

Samsung 576-megapixels Camera Sensor

Samsung 576-megapixels Camera Sensor

Samsung ISOCELL HP1 is currently mass-production-ready world’s first camera sensor with 200-megapixels resolution. In last year Samsung’s Yongin Park, EVP, Head of Sensor Business Team, System LSI Business shared the scope of the future camera sensor.

At that time, Yongin Park said that our eyes can distinguish about 500 megapixels of resolution, compared with the current 40 megapixels resolution of a most SLR cameras, and 12 megapixels of flagship smartphones. We want to match human perception ability still have a long way to go.

He also further emphasized that Samsung’s goal is to develop a 600 Megapixel sensor (600MP), breaking the limit of human eyes (about 500 million pixels). Today, Sammobile unveiled through Image Sensors World, that Samsung planned to launch a 576-megapixels camera sometime in 2025.

The news took place when Haechang Lee, senior vice president of automotive sensors at Samsung Electronics, used a slideshow during a presentation at the SEMI Europe Summit. The slide shows an overview of camera sensor pixel size and resolution trends since 2000. It mentioned that Samsung plans to introduce a 576-megapixel camera sensor sometime in 2025. However, that sensor probably won’t be in a smartphone. Instead, Samsung’s upcoming 576-megapixel camera sensor seems to be developed for the automobile.

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