RedMagic 6S Pro Review: Tamed Snapdragon 888 Plus

RedMagic 6S Pro Review: Tamed Snapdragon 888 Plus 1

RedMagic 6S Pro Review


In the past two years, the gaming phone path to the right, to the absolute performance of the main, the game shortcuts and display as a supplement, and ordinary smartphone to distinguish themselves.

The current cooling solutions are broadly divided into two categories, one is the common liquid cooling, the other is air cooling or both, also change the processor location or with a new cooling material, the ultimate direction is to maintain the maximum possible heat dissipation.

Focus on thermal opportunities from Qualcomm began to launch Plus processors, Qualcomm’s second half of the launch of the high-frequency version has become customary, in addition to improved performance, heat also comes with it, compared to ordinary cell phones, gaming phones do not worry about weight, cooling materials are also carefree, more fully play processor performance.

It is not even excluded that another possibility, Qualcomm’s Plus version of the processor launched in the second half of the year, is for the gaming phone.

With the launch of Snapdragon 888 Plus, smartphone manufacturers began the second half of the product updates, including the RedMagic, released the RedMagic 6S Pro Gaming Phone, which can be seen from the naming, the machine is an upgraded version of the RedMagic 6 Pro.

RedMagic 6S Pro Review

In addition to the core carrying Snapdragon 888 Plus, the machine also used a new thermal material, deuterium front transparent version also got redesigned, compared to other routinely updated models, RedMagic 6S Pro at least the shape made changes, what else has changed?


ModelRedMagic 6S Pro (NX669S)
Display6.8-inch AMOLED screen,
crystal arrangement,
resolution 2400×1080,
165HZ refresh rate,
720Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate,
DCI-P3 100% wide color gamut,
Magic GPU 1.0 image multiple buffering,
TC Frame-filling technology 3.0,
DC dimming
Size169 × 77.09 × 9.7mm
SoCSnapdragon 888 Plus (main frequency 3.0GHz)
RAM / ROM LPDDR5 RAM + UFS 3.1 Storage
Camera64MP main camera
8MP ultra wide-angle
2MP macro
Front: 8MP, customized ultra-small camera
Unlocks7th-generation screen fingerprint
heart rate detection function,
Camera face recognition
4500mAh (11A dual battery cells in series),
120W wired fast charging
Advanced features 3.5mm headphone jack,
Wi-Fi 6 enhanced version,
ICE7.0 nine-layer multi-dimensional heat dissipation + aerospace-grade phase change energy storage heat dissipation material, 20000 RPM colorful fluorescent fan, Dual independent IC touch shoulder button (45OHZ) + back cover RedMagic waist button (500H2)
Systembased on Android 11 Red MagicOS V4.5
RedMagic 6S Pro Specifications


Tencent RedMagic Gaming Phone 6S Pro offers three versions of Shadow Black, Starburst White, and Deuterium Front Transparent Edition, and the author got this one as the Deuterium Front Transparent Edition.

As with previous generations, the front of the RedMagic 6S Pro is a non-shaped screen with a front camera located on the upper bezel and a 20:9 aspect ratio. The screen-to-body ratio is not as good as the scoop, but it can fully display the content, and for gaming phones, completeness is the goal.

The good thing is that the under-screen camera solution is starting to mature, but it will still take some time to maintain the high quality of the screen, and it is expected that there will be an under-screen camera gaming phone only next year or the year after.

In terms of parameters, the RedMagic 6S Pro features a 6.8-inch AMOLED full-screen with a resolution of 2400 × 1080, crystal diamond arrangement, support for 165Hz refresh rate and 720Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate, as well as DCI-P3 100% wide color gamut.

The software also has Magic GPU 1.0 image multi buffer, TC frame supplement technology 3.0, DC dimming, and other display features. In addition, the machine uses the 7th generation of under-screen optical fingerprint, supports heart rate monitoring, while the response speed and recognition accuracy is further improved.

As the name suggests, the back cover of the Deuterium Blade Transparent Edition has a transparent design, not the whole transparent, but the left area of the body, you can see the internal fan, as for the other logo, it is not a real component, but a decorative plate.

The Deuterium Blade transparent version got a new design, the overall more catered to the style of gamers, the layout is quite reasonable, not incongruous, the flash to a similar prismatic design. Most of the previous gaming phones were “non-mainstream” appearances, but this transparent plate gives me the feeling that it’s cool, and RedMagic is going in the right direction with this design.

Performance and Heat Dissipation

The core configuration belongs to the absolute top, equipped with a Snapdragon 888 Plus processor, which is the original purpose of this upgrade, equipped with a full-featured version of LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory, is the current performance of the Android camp iron triangle.
Then we look at the heat dissipation, for Snapdragon 888 Plus, the heat dissipation configuration is quite important.

RedMagic 6S Pro in addition to the continuation of the previous generation of fan cooling, but also with new cooling materials, composed of ICE7.0 nine-layer three-dimensional multi-dimensional cooling system, including phase change cooling materials, superconducting copper foil, high thermal conductivity gel, open shield, composite graphene, VC heat sink, etc., which added the same type of phase change energy storage material ZhuRong, C21H44 phase change temperature of about 40 degrees, the core CPU temperature is high when the phase change material phase change to store energy, and then release the stored energy after the temperature drops, to control the temperature of the core CPU.

With heat conduction, the heat inside the body is taken care of by a centrifugal fan with a speed of 20,000RPM. RedMagic has changed the internal design of the body to have a heat dissipation duct, plus an aerospace aluminum center frame to continuously dissipate heat. As far as this cooling configuration is concerned, the RedMagic 6S Pro is one of the best so far, but of course, it will inevitably increase the weight of the body, which is why it is not used in regular flagships.

With such a configuration and heat dissipation specifications, how will it run? Take a look at the AnTuTu Benchmark score of the RedMagic 6S Pro, with storage of 16GB + 256GB version.

RedMagic 6S Pro AnTuTu Benchmark

After actual testing, the RedMagic 6S Pro AnTuTu Benchmark run score is 866659, compared to other Snapdragon 888 Plus models, the machine’s CPU and GPU scores have a more significant increase, the reason is that the machine maintains a higher frequency, the premise is to maintain good heat dissipation capabilities.

The MEM score is normal, and the UX is slightly improved, mainly thanks to the 165Hz high refresh screen, which has a better experience.

According to the latest Android phone cost performance list, the RedMagic 6S Pro’s results occupy the top three no problem, whether it can take the top of the list, and ultimately depends on the average score how need to wait for the September Android phone performance list revealed.

RedMagic 6S Pro Storage Test

Storage, the RedMagic 6S Pro has a sequential read speed of 1976MB/s and a sequential write speed of 793MB/s, which is the normal performance of UFS 3.1 flash memory.

System Features And Experience

Gaming Features

The system of Red Magic 6S Pro will not be introduced too much, it is running RedMagicOS V4.5 based on Android 11, mainly to see what features are made for games.

RedMagic 6S Pro refresh rate supports multiple gear adjustments of 60/90/120/165Hz for different content display; the cooling fan can be manually adjusted or intelligently adjusted; new heart rate detection function, using the light of the under-screen fingerprint to identify the fingerprint and thus analyze the heart rate.

The layout of the game space has not changed much, mainly some functions have been aggregated, adding a library of plug-ins, the game functions needed to open can be found, such as detection mode, casual key change, etc. The other one is the introduction of features and video demonstration, the overall optimization is more convenient and fast.

The Magician Podcast

After updating so many generations of cell phones, RedMagic finally thought of the audience group also includes secondary yuan, so the new RedMagic Ji Mora, but is similar to a friend, in addition to being a vase, but also can open the Magic Ji broadcast, such as the King of glory resurrection countdown, peace elite final circle open and other reminders, but there is little need to open them daily.

The RedMagic 6S Pro supports game customization settings, which can be set for control, performance, display, sound, and other aspects, including touch adjustment for each game, but this feature is not very meaningful, after all, most games still pursue feedback as fast as possible.

Gaming experience

Then the gaming experience, select a few popular mainstream games, all open the highest image quality supported by the RedMagic 6S Pro, the phone itself does not make changes, only open 165Hz high refresh rate.

Peace Elite
Turn on full high image quality (90fps) supported by RedMagic 6S Pro
Game fps
Body temperature

The game “Peach Elite” was played for 20 minutes, during which the high frame rate of 90Hz was completely maintained, without any frame drops or screen tears, for this mainstream game, the RedMagic 6S Pro, as a gaming phone, naturally has a focus on optimization, frame drops do not exist.

In terms of temperature, the average temperature of the back cover of the body after 20 minutes is 37.5° and the highest is 44.1°, which is within the acceptable range. The main source of heat comes from the SoC area, while you can see that the air duct is dissipating heat and the temperature is lower than the highest area.

The Original God
Turn on the full high picture quality (60fps) supported by the Red Magic 6S Pro
Game fps
Body temperature

The original God” maximum open 60 fps, is also the highest frame rate currently supported by the phone, which can not be helped, the open world and random refresh let it occupy a lot of performance, coupled with the optimization of the Miha Tour, really eat performance, at present, all game phones are difficult to sustain 60 fps for a long time (in the case of fighting monsters running map), so you can see, RedMagic 6S Pro run the original God 20 minutes, the overall fluctuations are obvious, and the actual screen does not have obvious freezes. The average temperature of the back cover of the body is 40.6, the highest temperature of 47.9, the heat is more obvious, especially the rear lens part.

The King of Glory
Turn on the full high image quality (90fps) supported by the Red Magic 6S Pro
Game fps

For gaming phones, MOBA handheld games are naturally stress-free. The game opens with only one map and only needs to load character effects, which is not particularly demanding on performance, and no frame drops or lagging is found during the experience, with a high 90Hz frame rate throughout.

Call of Duty
Turn on the full high image quality (90fps) supported by the Red Magic 6S Pro
Game fps

Call of Duty is a fast-paced first-person game, and the RedMagic 6S Pro was tested to be stable at 90 fps. Some of the dropped frames belonged to the switching interface, and the game settled back to the main interface, and the body did not heat up significantly.

Turn on the full high picture quality (144fps) supported by the Red Magic 6S Pro
Game fps

The mobile CF has pretty good optimization, the highest adaptation of 144Hz high refresh rate, RedMagic 6S Pro natural support, the actual game without lag, can be said to be silky smooth, part of the frame drops belong to the switching interface.

QQ Speed
Turn on the full high picture quality (144fps) supported by the Red Magic 6S Pro
Game fps

QQ Speed is a racing game, the performance requirements are not very high, the RedMagic 6S Pro supports 144Hz frame rate, the game process is as steady as a straight line, during the frame drop is caused by the game a game switching interface, normal phenomenon.

Battery life and charging

In terms of battery life, the RedMagic 6S Pro is equipped with a 4500mAh dual-cell battery with an all-pole lug structure design, which has low heat generation and low resistance characteristics compared to conventional batteries and is also designed to work with 120W fast charging.

As usual, the built-in stress test of AnTuTu Benchmark is a built-in feature of AnTuTu Benchmark, which tests the stability of device performance by performing high load calculations, requiring the CPU to perform a lot of calculations, so the power consumption is greater compared to video, daily use, and other scenarios.

Test Conditions: No SIM card inserted, device connected to Wi-Fi, positioning turned on, fully charged, screen brightness turned to the highest, and all background services turned off. Open AnTuTu stress test, uninterrupted test, record the remaining power of the device every 30 minutes.

Under the Super Power Consumption Test, the RedMagic 6S Pro lasted 140 minutes, the same figure as the iQOO 8 Pro, and both have a 4500mAh battery capacity, though the former pulls the CPU frequency a bit higher.

Note that this result is obtained based on the CPU being at full load all the time, taking into account our daily use and bright screen time, so this data has to be converted to a multiple, resulting in the RedMagic 6S Pro having more than 4 hours of continuous use, note that it is continuous use, not daily screen off, back to the message, etc.

Because the RedMagic is a gaming phone, the battery life performance is slightly weak, but the good thing is that there is 120W wired fast charging to make up for some of the regret caused by the battery life.

RedMagic 6S Pro Charging Time

After actual testing, the RedMagic 6S Pro took 20 minutes to charge to 100%, including 9 minutes to charge 66% of the battery and 12 minutes to charge 80% of the battery, belonging to charge a while to play the game for a while.


Camera, RedMagic 6S Pro rear for 64-megapixel main camera + 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle + 2-megapixel macro, from the parameters, this combination has been more than can sweep a code, but also can cope with daily use and shooting.

The camera also includes the Neovison camera family, which works with the Neovison engine to achieve a variety of camera functions.

Architecture (main camera default 16MP f/1.8 ISO-100)
Architecture (2X zoom Main camera default 16MP f/1.8 ISO-100)
Architecture (5X zoom Main camera default 16MP f/1.8 ISO-100)
Architecture (16MP main camera default f/1.8 ISO-100)
Fire Hydrant (Main Camera Default 16MP f/1.8 ISO-100)
Architecture (main camera default 16MP f/1.8 ISO-100)
Architecture (open ultra wide angle 8MP ultra wide angle lens f/2.2 ISO-100)


In the RedMagic 6S Pro, it is easy to see that it is the RedMagic 6 Pro as the basis for a model that is a step up in performance and heat dissipation but compared to other routine upgrades, the RedMagic 6S Pro does not have a simple operation like a sleeve for core, making the machine more sincere.

The downside is that the UI has no iconic highlights, despite the gaming style design, it lacks software highlights and unique features, compared to the previous Red MagicOS which was indeed optimized, but it needs to continue to be improved, even with drastic changes.

Red Magic 6S Pro has a new shape design and heat dissipation material support, as well as the back cover of the RedMagic waist key, and improve the touch and shoulder key sampling rate, the root of this sincerity is that RedMagic did not cope with the upgrade, but the upgrade is really not much, so for the group is not already holding the Red Magic 6 Pro users, but want to tap the potential consumers of the game phone.

Gaming phone user group is far less than the conventional flagship phones, there is no shape design advantage, not to mention the PC field is unique custom graphics cards, processors, etc., can only do heaps of heat, regulate performance, and adapt a large number of high frame rate games, as well as the system additional game features, these points RedMagic 6S Pro has already done that.

So, the RedMagic 6S Pro is a gaming phone that does not lack hardware, almost touching the ceiling, but the gaming phone can not be crazy material, the pursuit of performance as the ultimate goal, a set of functional and complementary UI with hardware is indispensable, in this regard, the RedMagic still has a way to go.

Note: This review was originally published on AnTuTu Benchmark by Tangzheng.

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