ColorOS 12 Wallpapers Shared in Advance: Debuts this Month: Tablet Revealed

Oppo ColorOS 12 Wallpapers

ColorOS 12 Wallpapers

Today, OPPO has officially announced ColorOS 12 will be released in mid to late September, along with the official early release of the ColorOS 12 Wallpapers. The new wallpaper design style and the logo above are more unified, using a flat + transparent glass + gradient color, using geometric elements stacked.

Although the official announcement video is just a simple digital 12 deformation logo, without mentioning any key content, the online burst still gives relevant information.

Oppo ColorOS 12 Logo Reveal

ColorOS12 is the main focus of the Internet of everything, by OPPO’s phone, watch and tablet series three products interoperable collaboration, the formation of a complete office and entertainment system, which is a major cell phone system want to complete a thing, but right now it is only Apple side to do the most perfect.

Oppo Tablet Reveal

It is worth mentioning that OPPO’s tablet product has not yet been released, but the frontal appearance of the product is already available on the promotional chart, it uses a four-sided narrow bezel design, 16:9 screen, and this year’s fire up the Android tablet in the frontal roughly similar, this product is expected to be released in the middle of this month at the ColorOS12 launch along with the new system.

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