Xiaomi 11T or K40s Series Specifications Surfaces; K50 Packs 100W

Xiaomi 11T or K40s Series Specifications Surfaces; K50 Packs 100W

Xiaomi 11T or K40s Series Specifications

Although the new digital series of Xiaomi overseas, the 11T and 11T Pro, has not yet been released, because of the success story of the previous generation Redmi K30S, many users are looking forward to this year’s K40S series, which is the overseas Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro.

Recently, the blogger Digital Chat Station brought news of one of Xiaomi’s latest products, which is very similar to the Xiaomi 11T series in terms of configuration and is also expected to be the domestic K40S series.

This suspected K40S new machine will be equipped with Snapdragon 870 processor, the main camera with 50 megapixels, can be straight out of 6144 × 8192 pixel size pictures, but also has a good feel of the linear motor.

The screen is a 6.7-inch 2400 × 1080 resolution centered dug-out OLED screen, supporting a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. Overseas, this new machine is expected to be released on September 15, but the domestic words are expected to wait until around the double 11 times, after all, from the cost aspect, this phone is still very competitive, but LCD screen enthusiasts are afraid that it is difficult to reach the flagship machine on the desired.

Redmi K50 with 100W Fast Charging

In the past two years, Xiaomi’s exploration of fast charging technology is very aggressive, not only the first batch of 120W wired fast charging technology, but also the first to achieve 100W wireless charging power, although limited by the new wireless charging policy, can not open more than 50W power, but is still the highest wireless charging power in the industry.

In addition to exploring new technologies, Xiaomi is also further decentralizing high-powered fast charging to lower-priced models, such as the Redmi, which now uses 67W fast charging, allowing more users to enjoy the experience of high-powered fast charging.

It’s worth noting that Redmi doesn’t stop at 67W. According to the latest news from Digital Chat Station, Redmi will launch a model with 100-watt fast charging next year, and from the perspective of the product line, this task will most likely be performed by the Redmi K50 series.

In addition, the burst also revealed important information, after the 120W is super fast charging devolved Redmi, Xiaomi flagship models will further explore more powerful fast charging, its power is expected to be able to reach more than 120W, and Xiaomi 12 series may be the first model.

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