Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Android Listed on Windows Store, Supports Consoles

Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Android

Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Android

The first official version of Windows 11 is scheduled to be released on October 5, and the version number will be Build 22000 if there are no surprises. However, this official version is still half-baked, the previously promised to run Android APP function will continue to be absent.

Originally this heavyweight feature was highly anticipated but waited for several preview version update also did not see its figure, recently Microsoft even admitted that this feature will not appear in the first official version, may have to wait until the next big version update.

The WalkingCat found that the “Windows Subsystem for Android” has quietly appeared in the Microsoft Store, and although it shows that it is free to download, it is just a blank placeholder. It is also worth noting that in the configuration requirements section, the minimum 8GB of RAM and the recommended 16GB, run on ARM64 or x64 processors. It seems that this Android subsystem is quite resource-intensive to run.

More interestingly, the app is listed as available for Xbox consoles, including the Xbox One series and the new generation Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft has not previously talked about running Android apps on consoles.

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