Snapdragon 898 Geekbench Test Scores Unveiled

Snapdragon 898 Geekbench Test

Snapdragon 898 Geekbench Test

Although Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 performance is very strong, the huge heat left many cell phone manufacturers said helpless, even if they use of frequency reduction strategy, but still slightly regret it. Because of this, everyone is looking forward to the successor Snapdragon 898 improved by Samsung 4nm process, the problem of heat.

Recently, the Snapdragon 898 Geekbench test revealed the first running scores, the information shows that the processor is equipped with the new flagship model the Vivo V2102A which is not yet launched. According to the Geekbench score, the Snapdragon 898 processor is equipped with Vivo’s flagship single-core run score of 720 points, multi-core run score of 1919 points.

The Snapdragon 898 chip uses Samsung’s 4nm process, has a new dual Part 3400 architecture, and is equipped with an Adreno 730 GPU, but the current version is a lower frequency version like the sm8350. In addition, the Snapdragon 898 chip has eight cores, the list shows the base frequency of 1.79GHz, mid-frequency is 2.17GHz, and high frequency is 2.42GHz.

According to Digital Chat Station, mass production SoC will certainly raise the frequency, will also improve performance at the same time, its power consumption will also be very large. Combined with the previous information, the Snapdragon 898 chip TSMC foundry version may be listed in the second quarter of next year at the earliest, and there are already several cell phone manufacturers of new flagship phones scheduled to carry the Snapdragon 898 chip.

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