Exposed Real-life photos of Vivo V1 ISP Chip and Compared with Snapdragon 888

Exposed Real-life photos of Vivo V1 ISP Chip and Compared with Snapdragon 888

Real-life photos of Vivo V1 ISP Chip

As previously mentioned, Vivo will hold a short meeting on September 6 to discuss Vivo imaging technology, when Vivo’s self-research “V1 independent ISP image chip” will debut. Vivo vice president Hu Baishan said that Vivo’s self-developed chip V1 is a professional imaging chip, which took 24 months to develop and invested more than 300 people in R&D. It will be first installed in the flagship X70 series to be released on September 9 and will improve the night scene video and other shooting experience.

Now Weibo blogger Digital Chat has revealed real-life photos of the Vivo V1 ISP chip and compared it to Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip in terms of size. The blogger also revealed that the V1 chip was manufactured by Vivo itself and has more functions than just processing imaging, viewfinder look, and video recording function will go next level.

The ISP (Image Signal Processor) is mainly used to process the image signal output from the Image Sensor. As the core device of image processing, ISP has a crucial decisive role in the final imaging style and quality of cell phone cameras.

According to Hu Baishan of Vivo, the chip itself takes a long time from positioning, IP conversion to design. Vivo takes two years as the cycle for each generation of the chip, V1 started to plan from 2 years ago to mass production conversion, while the next-generation chip started to plan a year ago.

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Hu Baishan said that the chip is divided into four stages, including a soft algorithm to IP (image processing) conversion, design of the chip itself, foundry flow, and packaging and output. In V1, Vivo is currently in the first stage, the chip design itself and the flow of the chip in the short term, Vivo is not very good at, is the stage of cultivating the ability.


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