Xiaomi will Launch MIUI Pure Mode: Internal Test Recruitment Live Now

Xiaomi MIUI Pure Mode

Xiaomi MIUI Pure Mode

Today, the Xiaomi community members’ feedback, revealed that Xiaomi’s MIUI Pure Mode is now on the internal test application channel, and test recruitment is officially opened now.

Officials said that recently received a lot of feedback on application installation problems. After research, Android open source does bring a more open ecosystem and free market, but at the same time also makes the risk more easily appear and spread. Among the applications installed through the application package management component every day, 40 percent have never gone through Xiaomi’s security audit, and 10 percent have been identified as risky applications by Xiaomi’s security audit.

Officials emphasize, but open does not mean disorderly, Xiaomi has always regarded users’ information security and privacy protection as the basis of survival, Xiaomi hereby introduces the MIUI Pure Mode to solve the problem of risky or unknown apps installation.

Xiaomi’s MIUI Pure Mode is a new system installation mode that can effectively prevent the installation of risky or unknown applications caused by misclicks, misoperation, and other actions, guarding the safety of your application installation. The mode can be closed at any time, you can choose to open or close the mode.


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