RedMagic 6S Pro added 500Hz RedMagic waist key, will also Launch Feizhi G1 handle and 10000mAh Power Bank

RedMagic 6S Pro 500Hz RedMagic waist key

RedMagic 6S Pro 500Hz RedMagic waist key

RedMagic 6S Pro 500Hz RedMagic waist key

Tencent RedMagic 6S Pro Gaming Phone will be officially released on September 6, near the launch, the official began a frequent preheating. The RedMagic 6S Pro Transparent Edition has also been announced, showing the back design of the new machine, with a translucent back cover that allows you to see the internal fan and it glows.

Today the official preview again, said the phone will be in the phone back cover position added a 500Hz RedMagic waist key. As seen in the poster, this waist key is expected to be inspired by touch, with a sampling rate of up to 500Hz, and can be customized to map keys in games, making it easy to quickly control games such as Peace Elite and Glory of Kings.

RedMagic Feizhi G1 handle and 10000mAh Power Bank

Besides the RedMagic will also introduce the RedMagic equipment library, one of which includes the RedMagic Feizhi G1 handle, a lightweight and portable, weighing only 40g, strong compatibility, support mainstream game control. The other one is the RedMagic 10000mAh power bank with mechanical shape, cool appearance, supporting PD20W and USB22.5W output, digital display that can display remaining power in real-time.

The company has confirmed that the Tencent RedMagic Gaming Phone 6S Pro will have a built-in RGB cooling fan and a screen refresh rate of up to 165Hz. In addition, the phone supports 120W air-cooled fast charging and can be fully charged to 100% in 17 minutes.

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