Independent ISP is More Practical for Mid-range as Flagship Snapdragon 888 ISP is Enough

Independent ISP is More Practical for Mid-range

Independent ISP is More Practical for Mid-range

After the launch of Xiaomi Surge C1 ISP, there began to be manufacturers’ clear plans to build the core, including Vivo, self-research V1 will soon be equipped with its X70 series debut. In addition to Xiaomi and Vivo, it is said that OPPO is also actively laying out the development of ISP chips, the latter has been planning to develop its chips for a long time, is the next one also ISP chips?

It can be said that the current computational imaging, AI imaging, and the future of array imaging, fusion optics, computational light field, and even XR fusion, are the results of the multi-integral collaboration of image sensors, optical modules, image module architecture, ISP, APU artificial intelligence engine, GPU, algorithms and so on.

The so-called ISP is an image signal processing chip for the front-end image sensor output signal processing unit to match the image sensors of different manufacturers, combined with algorithms to improve photo quality. Self-developed chip is good, the transition from ISP to the core SoC is not impossible, but so intensive together to ISP, the effect is really good?

Qualcomm Snapdragon Spectra 580 ISP

ZTE Lv Qianhao said today that the current flagship processors such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus, Snapdragon 888, Samsung and the flagship chip of the HiSilicon, and even Qualcomm, MediaTek, and other sub-flagship processor ISP performance is powerful enough, the function is good enough.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Spectra 580 ISP

Even its processing power has far exceeded the development speed of image sensors in the same period. For example, the Snapdragon 865 listed in early 2020 already supports two billion pixel sensors, but this week Samsung just released two billion pixel sensors.

So for the use of flagship chip flagship phones, how to give full play to the flagship chip ISP performance and functionality, and then match their algorithm optimization and image system tuning is the top priority. Instead, don’t worry about the flagship chip ISP processing power.

In contrast, the actual independent ISP chip for mid-range cell phone effect has more practical significance to make up for the processor ISP deficiency, coupled with appropriate algorithm optimization, can greatly enhance the mid-range model of the photo experience, but also without the need to make up the number of lenses while enhancing the aesthetic design of the back of the phone.

He believes that the independent ISP chip for flagship machines is the icing on the cake to tell the story, while for mid-range models is to do experience in the snow.


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