How to Make More Money with iPhone, Apple Knows Better

How to Make More Money with iPhone

How to Make More Money with iPhone

In recent days there has been a chart circulating online with details of the configuration and price of the iPhone 13 series, and many people have taken this chart as a reference to interpret this year’s iPhone 13 series, and the latest one has angered a large number consumers.

One of the most interesting points is that the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max version storage from 128GB directly jumped to 512GB, the middle may be the most popular 256GB version was canceled by Apple, which makes consumers the purchase of the dilemma of choice, because 128GB is likely not enough, but 512GB and too rich may not be used up and to spend more than 20 to 25K INR more, than, it is really difficult for people to choose.

Apple deliberately canceled the most “suitable” version of the storage model has been the company’s traditional bad habits, as early as the iPhone 7 era to cancel the most suitable 64G version, either to buy 32GB or to buy 128GB, which led many users in the purchase will feel that they spend so much money anyway, it is also biting the bullet and add some more to buy richer better, to bring more revenue to Apple.

The iPhone X era can be described as a “chicken thief”, most of the phones at the time were already 128GB to start with, but Apple is doing the opposite in the case of all the phones are stuffed with more space, to bring the iPhone X 64GB storage, which is not enough, and thus forcing users to spend more money to buy the 256GB version. This is equivalent to forcing users to spend more money to buy the 256G version. But some users said, Apple as a business company, find ways to make more money is not wrong, this, you think?

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