Aerospace-grade RedMagic 6S Pro Cooling Technology Officially Detailed in 3 Minutes Video

RedMagic 6S Pro Cooling Technology

RedMagic 6S Pro Cooling Technology

Arrivals in the 5G era mobile phone’s internet speed become faster, followed by fast reading and writing with fresh storage, smartphones become faster and high performing, so the heating issues also gradually increased.

To cope with the continuous improvement of the performance of smartphones, heating components are also becoming more and more problematic, so the heat dissipation also needs to be speeded up technology.

With the tagline “Cool down and evolve!” officially unveiled RedMagic 6S Pro cooling technology. What is the origin of the aerospace-grade phase-change heat dissipation material-icosane C21H44 used for the first time? To understand the technology, an Official published three minutes video explaining RedMagic 6S Pro cooling technology. Let’s take a look first.

RedMagic 6S Pro Cooling Technology

Today, RedMagic detailed the black technology of heat dissipation from the sky above equipped on RedMagic 6S Pro. It is known that the heavy use consumers are closely stacked in small mobile phones. When playing games with fast charging, in a short time generate extremely high heat inside the fuselage.

To make sure that the phone can continuous and stable high-performance status output, we need to quickly absorb and export this heat and diffuse out of the fuselage to avoid processor frequency reduction due to high-temperature components overheating damage, etc.

Everyone understands this principle, but space in a smartphone is small. Smartphone manufacturer needs to make breakthroughs in cooling technology to make smaller that can fit inside a phone.

But a huge challenge, to achieve better heat dissipation in the phone. What efforts have everyone done, Copper foil from the very beginning, Graphene metal body, metal middle frame for heat dissipation, and then to the thermal gel liquid cooling tube, VC soaking plate heat dissipation, the hot pile of materials is getting harder and harder.

Until 2019, the RedMagic is unprecedented, put a high-performance centrifugal fan in a small cell phone, hosting mobile phone cooling technology to PC. Also officially brought mobile phone cooling technology into the Air-cooled and liquid-cooled dual heat dissipation era.

In 2021, heat dissipation technology may usher in a breakthrough, said with no exaggeration. This is called aerospace-grade temperature control technology with aerospace-grade temperature control materials that are produced for the first time for civilian use.

RedMagic got Inspiration for breakthroughs in cooling technology from my Chinese spaceship ZHURONG, which uses phase change materials on the rover. Zhurong uses an icosane C21H44 phase change material phase change insulation system.

This phase change material absorbs the heat of the sun during the day, and to melt exothermic and solidify at night, cooperate with insulation materials to release the volume slowly. Achieved the perfect regulation of the temperature rise and fall. So that “Zhurong” can easily deal with the great temperature difference between day and night on Mars and avoid equipment damage.

RedMagic 6 SPro will be the first to use this heat dissipation technology with provincial use of aerospace-grade hot Phase Change Materials. Phase transition critical point of material-icosane C21H44 is between 38-41℃.

This is related to the mobile phone chip, the temperature at the beginning of the heat is just the same, when the material reaches the critical point of phase transition, it will quickly absorb heat near the chip. So that the temperature rise can be controlled steadily.

Plus built-in high-speed centrifugal fan, VC liquid cooling, Large area copper foil, Composite graphene, etc., composed of the multi-dimensional three-dimensional cooling system, absorb and dissipate heat efficiently. It can be called black heat dissipation technology.

RedMagic 6S Pro with blessings of aerospace-grade cooling technology, strengthens heat dissipation capabilities in all scenarios, resulting in stable continuous performance. With full force, the CPU temperature is reduced by up to 20°C, and the average temperature rise of the whole machine is reduced by 9%.


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