RedMagic 6S Pro Will Use C21H44 Material for Aerospace-grade Cooling

RedMagic 6S Pro Will Use C21H44 Material

RedMagic 6S Pro Will Use C21H44 Material

Tencent RedMagic Gaming Phone 6S Pro will be officially released on September 6 at 15:00, the official said that the machine will be equipped with “black technology that can go to heaven, heat dissipation, and then evolve”.

Today, the official reveal of the aerospace-grade cooling technology, the use of aerospace-grade phase-change cooling material – C21H44. According to public information, C21H44 is a compound with a melting point of about 39-41°C and is insoluble in water, so it seems to be just right for heat dissipation on cell phones.

RedMagic 6S Pro Will Use C21H44 Material

The critical point of phase transition of n-icosane (C21H44) is 38-41°C, which is almost the same as the temperature at which the mobile phone chip starts to get hot. When n-icosane (C21H44) reaches the critical point of phase change, it will quickly absorb heat, so that the temperature rise can be controlled steadily.

Tencent RedMagic 6S Pro is confirmed to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus flagship chip, bringing stronger CPU performance and better energy consumption performance. The back cover is expected to be made of transparent glass, and you can see the turbo cooling fan inside.


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