MediaTek 4nm Dimensity 2000 Coming This Fall with Stronger Performance and Stable Power Consumption

MediaTek 4nm Dimensity 2000 Coming

MediaTek 4nm Dimensity 2000 Coming

In recent times, the network surfaced a lot of information about Qualcomm’s next-generation platform Snapdragon 898, the chip compared to the most powerful Snapdragon 888 series currently on the market further, and the use of the advanced 4nm process to build, the overall performance and experience will be a step up.

Time soon to September, see Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series processor of the new flagship will soon come, MediaTek side, of course, will not be left behind. According to the news brought by some technology bloggers, MediaTek’s next-generation Dimensity 5G SoC will use the strongest TSMC 4nm process, hardware specifications will use the ARM V9 architecture, so not only strong performance and power and heat control are excellent, but in addition to carrying this new flagship processor, SoC in fast charging also has a substantial increase.

It is said that MediaTek’s new flagship will be named Dimensity 2000, at the end of this year can be achieved in small quantities, there are already some manufacturers in the relevant test if the time is smooth and test no problem, it is likely to be and Qualcomm’s next generation of flagship SoC (tentative Snapdragon 898) listing time overlap, the two new flagship processors will compete on the same stage.

According to previous news, the CPU part of the Dimensity 2000 will be on par with Qualcomm’s next-generation Snapdragon 898, or even stronger, while the GPU will be stronger than the Snapdragon 888 and will have better power consumption. Overall, the Dimensity 2000 may be a flagship chip with a comprehensive experience that is straightforward to Snapdragon 898, which is worth looking forward to. So far, many bloggers in the industry are expecting more from MediaTek than Qualcomm, so it seems that MTK is going to be Yes again.


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