Xiaomi 12 May Pack Three 50-megapixels Primary Lenses

Xiaomi 12 with Three 50-megapixels Primary Lenses

Xiaomi 12 with Three 50-megapixels Primary Lenses

The last generation of Qualcomm flagship processor Snapdragon 888 was premiered by Xiaomi 11, this year’s Qualcomm flagship SM8450, Xiaomi will be expected to continue to debut, and the corresponding model is Xiaomi’s new digital series flagship Xiaomi 12.

But in addition to the processor, Xiaomi 12 will have what upgrades in terms of imaging? Today, the well-known Weibo blogger Digital Chat Station brought the latest news about the machine, he revealed that the engineering version of Xiaomi 12 is currently testing the three-primary camera system.

The Digital Chat Station posted that Xiaomi 12 is currently testing a three-primary camera image system, three lenses are 50-megapixel’s super bottom main camera + 50-megapixel’s high quality super wide-angle + 50-megapixel’s high-quality periscope. Xiaomi also tested 10x periscope, but it is still considering the practicality of the focal length, and the 5x periscope is the choice. With this configuration, Xiaomi 12 rear lens module area should also be significantly larger compared to Xiaomi 11.

In comment section, Digital Chat Station mentioned that the parameters are still in the engineering verification stage and does not represent the final mass production parameters, but is for reference only.

Overall, the Xiaomi 12 will bring good performance in all aspects of photography, basically covering common photography scenarios, while the main camera level telephoto lens can bring a much more powerful than the previous competitor’s long-distance experience. From the previous reports, Xiaomi also working on a 200MP camera phone, which is said to be an entry-level model of the Xiaomi 12 Series.

In addition to the overall upgrade of performance and image system, Xiaomi 12 will also be an upgrade screen. It will be equipped with an LTPO adaptive refresh rate screen, can achieve a 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate adjustment function, taking into account the high refresh rate and battery life. Overall, Xiaomi 12 this time still in all aspects to do without shortcomings, is worth looking forward to.

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