New Vivo NEX Series will Debut in 2022, And will Regularly Upgrade

New Vivo NEX Series

(in Picture: Vivo Nex 3s)

New Vivo NEX Series

In June 2018, Vivo launched its first pop-up camera flagship – Vivo NEX. At that time, when people were still debating whether the notch display looked good, Vivo pioneered the launch of Vivo NEX. The unique elevated camera technology created a completely different path for full-screen phones, and the zero-border true full-screen phone was born.

Later Vivo NEX 3 was released, the cell phone screen ratio to the extreme was the highest screen ratio of the flagship phone. Now Vivo NEX series of new products are on the way, as they lift full-screen pioneering innovation, a new generation of NEX is worth looking forward to.

In a recent interview with Vivo vice president Hu Baishan, besides the confirmation of upcoming tablets and V1 ISP Chip for Vivo X70 Series, Hu Baishan also committed that the new Vivo NEX Series will debut in the first half of next year.

Hu Boshan said, we have been thinking about how to reposition the NEX series since the first half of last year, what it wants to bring to consumers, to the beginning of this year sorted out clearly, the new products in the development, the fastest will be released in the first half of next year.

As Vivo’s high-end flagship, the NEX series has taken a different route since its birth. But the specific positioning of what can not be said yet, next year we will be clear. Hu Baishan also said that from next year’s new products, NEX will also maintain the normal rhythm of a year a change.


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