Official Confirm Vivo V1 ISP Chip will Debut with X70 Series

Vivo V1 ISP Chip

Vivo V1 ISP Chip

The long-rumored Vivo chip is finally confirmed by the Vivo official. Vivo executive vice president Hu Baishan in a media interview revealed that Vivo’s first self-developed imaging chip named “V1”, the chip will be carried in the upcoming X70 series. Furthermore, Hu Baishan also revealed that Vivo’s tablet will be launched in the first half of next year, focusing on synergy with cell phones.

It is reported that Vivo V1 ISP is a special configured integrated circuit chip, in the imaging system, to undertake the user in the preview and video and other image applications under the needs of the category ISP, Vivo mainly does IP design, the flow of chip packaging manufacturing is given to partners.

Functionally, Vivo V1 ISP Chip mainly solves the scene problem of night video, and there is progress in heat control, frame rate improvement. Hu Baishan said, “In the future, we do not rule out the layout of chips in other tracks.” The so-called track refers to the design, image, performance, and system.

In addition, the chip is said to have taken about 24 months to develop and invested in a research and development team of more than 300 people. Recently there has been unloaded V1 chip diagram exposed, you can see that it is a BGA package, the bottom of the contact for 45° arrangement, completely Vivo own research and development and functional definition of the chip.

Vivo V1 ISP Chip

Previously, Vivo had joined hands with Samsung to build Exynos chip, by joining hands with Zeiss to bring Zeiss mobile imaging system, from this series of actions to see, Vivo in the chip, the pace of imaging gradually accelerated.

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