Samsung Brings Foldable And Rollable Display Together

Samsung Foldable And Rollable Display

Samsung Foldable And Rollable Display

In the era of full-screen design, we have experienced under-screen cameras, foldable and rollable display phones, with the major smartphone manufacturers have popularized the full screen. Yet, manufacturers and consumers are not satisfied, so the folding screen, wrap-around screen, scrolling screen, and other new cell phone forms have come out.

According to Letsgodigital, Samsung has not just been satisfied with a simple foldable display phone (Galaxy Z Fold3 and Filp3) and intends to combine foldable and rollable display to create a new phone form similar to the TCL Fold-N-Roll concept.

The report states that the phone form comes from a Samsung patent for a cell phone design, which was filed with the State Intellectual Property Office of China on Feb. 1, 2021, and granted on Aug. 24, 2021. From the patent sketch, the phone looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, with Samsung’s unique hidden hinge and inward foldable design. There are three cameras on the back of the phone, but the front screen does not show the front camera, which is supposed to be an under-screen camera.

Overall, the phone unfolds and folds almost the same overall as the Galaxy Z Fold3, so not much more on that. The difference is that the phone supports screen scrolling in the folded case, and the patent also designed two separate ways to scroll from the top and bottom screen, scrolling screen accounts for about half of the folded body area. Ideally, the scrolling out screen should support the front camera shooting. However, as this is only a design patent, it is not clear whether Samsung will mass production.


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