Huawei’s Hyper-curved Arc Display Rendered from New Patent

Huawei's Hyper-curved Arc Display Rendered from New Patent

Huawei’s Hyper-curved Arc Display

Although many people do not like curved screens, this still can not stop the smartphone manufacturers have to use curved screen products on their high-end products. In the straight screen, the bezel can not do completely disappear before, the curved screen should always be the mainstream.

Huawei’s Hyper-curved Arc Display Patent

Recently, a new Huawei design patent was revealed online, and one of the biggest highlights is that the screen uses a curved screen with a very large curvature, even spreading from the bezel to the back shell, and the foreign media Let’sGoDigital also brought a high-definition rendering according to this patent.

As you can see from the picture, in addition to the iconic curved screen without holes, the machine also has the characteristics of the Huawei P50 series on the rear lens, it can be said that the P50 series rear lens design to use, but the position has changed slightly, from the left side to the middle of the position, but also at the bottom with a right-angle bezel padding, making the whole machine looks more clear lines, which is also in line with the Mate This is in line with the positioning of the Mate series.

Huawei called the phone “Arc Display”, in the use of both sides of the screen to provide touch control, adding a virtual volume button, in addition to the machine’s screen also supports pressure sensing, so it can be said that a screen to the extreme.


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