Can’t Effort to Drop as Xiaomi Mix 4 Repair Cost is Sky-high

Xiaomi Mix 4 Repair Cost

Xiaomi Mix 4 Repair Cost

Polished three years of Xiaomi MIX 4 has been on sale, many users should have grabbed, but the face of a product so top technology, in the use of the time can be sure to pay attention to, because it Xiaomi MIX 4 repair costs are also expensive.

Recently, Xiaomi officially announced the Xiaomi MIX 4 repair cost, which the machine’s CUP under-screen front camera panel replacement of an assembly needs 1550 yuan, is the most expensive in the entire repair cost. The resolution of only 1080P screen, compared to the Xiaomi 11 series of top 2K OLED screen is also expensive 120 yuan.

In addition, the after-sales price of the ceramic back cover is even more expensive, to the Ceramic Gray version, for example, its ceramic back cover part of the maintenance fee of 680 yuan, also as a comparison of Xiaomi 11 is only 120 yuan, almost 5 times the price, netizens look straight out of the fall can not afford, it is recommended that use protective cover before use.

Xiaomi Mix 4 Repair Cost

Xiaomi MIX 4 this CUP screen is Xiaomi three years of technical crystallization, the process is naturally very complex, Lei Jun has also said that the cost of the front camera area under the screen is very high, the whole panel and so will be a combination of two screens, so the maintenance and replacement costs are naturally the most expensive.

As for the ceramic back, the panel is traditionally more expensive than glass, Xiaomi also debuted a lightweight one-piece precision ceramic, not only to maintain a warm, jade-like feel, but also to reduce the weight of ceramic by 30%, and through the first metal small A-shell design, in a non-sensory situation to protect the phone signal connection, these are huge costs.


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