Apple iPad Mini 6 Mold Shows iPad Pro Style

iPad Mini 6 mold

Apple iPad Mini 6 Mold

In the tablet market, Apple’s iPad tablet series is known for its performance and application ecosystem, where Android tablets are constantly failing to reach the same level. With the upcoming iPhone 13 Series, Apple also preparing for the iPad Mini 6 tablet, may not share the same stage.

Today, a new report brought a closer look through the iPad Mini 6 mold showing changes in design. iPad Mini 6 metal mold shows that the machine will follow the iPad Pro similar design language (right angle design), the first full-screen solution, the screen around the bezel will be significantly narrowed and will eliminate the physical home button.

As the screen-to-body ratio of the iPad Mini 6 is effectively increased, the screen size of the machine will also be correspondingly increased, at least with an 8.4-inch screen, but the body size may not change much. Other expected specifications include an A14 bionic chip, 5G support, Apple Pencil 2 support, and storage up to 256GB.


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