Xiaomi Tablet 5 Pro PC Mode turned on with Trick Bringing Windows 10 Like Experience

Xiaomi Tablet 5 Pro PC Mode

Xiaomi Tablet 5 Pro PC Mode

Recently, Xiaomi after three years to build the Xiaomi Tablet 5 series ushered in the first sale, the results in five minutes sold 200,000 units, and there are still many bloggers on the microblogging who regret that they can not grab, which also shows the popularity of this product.

At present, there are already many netizens and digital bloggers who got Xiaomi Tablet 5 series real machine before because the machine is not launched similar to the Xiaomi MIX FOLD folding screen on the PC mode was hotly debated, now there are bloggers to extract the installation of PC mode, pro-test available.

Xiaomi Mix Fold PC Mode Demonstration

The well-known Weibo blogger Digital Chat Station revealed that he extracted MIX Fold’s Pocket PC App, after the installation on Xiaomi Tablet 5 Pro, can directly use the PC mode, and nothing buggy, can support more office mode.

Xiaomi Tablet 5 Pro PC Mode

It is reported that Xiaomi’s Pocket PC mode is very similar to the Windows 10 interface, which can provide a familiar computer interface, including the classic Start Menu, Control Center, and the ability to open multiple windows at the same time, bringing a richer entertainment, office, and learning experience.

It is worth mentioning that, compared to the MIX FOLD, the Xiaomi Mi Tablet 5 series has a larger screen, the 11-inch screen can already be compared to the screen size of some thin and light laptops, which can bring more operating experience, greatly improving productivity.

Unfortunately, the official has not responded to the issue of the disappearance of PC mode on Xiaomi Tablet 5, as a main productivity tool tablet products, according to common sense is not to give up such a PC mode, perhaps the official is the time needed to adapt a stronger PC mode, stay tuned.


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