Huawei Nova9 Series Coming Next Month with 5G Capability

Huawei Nova9 Series Coming Next

Huawei Nova9 Series Coming Next

Huawei recently released the P50 Series which is currently on sale is not 5G supported network using the Kirin 9000 chip and Snapdragon 888 chip. So then put the eye on the positioning of the mid-range Nova series of products, we think should also not support 5G, but the new report claim that the machine will support the 5G network.

Recently Weibo blogger tipped that Huawei will launch a new model of the Nova series – Huawei Nova9 Series in September, the biggest highlight of this phone is still on the chip. In terms of processor, the tipster said that Huawei Nova 9 will be lower than the Honor 50 Series in terms of performance, but with 5G capability, while in terms of appearance and color will do more avant-garde, better than the Honor 50 series, and this time Huawei released the Nova9 series also has a bit of special meaning.

It seems that Huawei Nova 9 series will have a high probability of using MediaTek processor, the previous Nova series positioning is the most favorite product of young people in the Huawei department, the performance has always been the flagship chip support after this forced to replace MediaTek, it seems that the whole positioning has to change.


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