What to Expect From Apple: iPhone 13, iPad Mini, Watch 7, and Many More on Schedule

What to Expect From Apple

(in picture: iPhone 12 Series)

What to Expect From Apple

It’s almost September, and for Apple, their new product release prologue is going to slowly kick-off, and the iPhone 13 series will be the leading debut. According to the latest report, Apple plans to hold multiple product launch events this fall to unveil a new iPhone all together with many new products.

According to the latest news from Bloomberg, Apple has prepared several new products this year, and they will all be released soon. The first to appear in the iPhone 13 series, which contains four models, consistent with the previous iPhone 12, the overall upgrade of the phone is not very big, especially in appearance. In addition to the iPhone 13, Apple will also release a new generation of Apple Watch, AirPods, iPad mini, and the redesigned MacBook Pro.

The first launch event will likely unveil the iPhone 13 Series phones in September. Numerous revelations suggest that Apple is expected to resume its traditional cycle of releasing the annual iPhone in September this year. In addition, Gurman reiterated his earlier news that Apple’s iPhone 13 Series is expected to offer camera updates for prosumers, a stronger display, and smaller bangs.

Specifically, the two base models of the iPhone 13 series (or could be named 12s series) will use 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch screens, while the Pro series will feature 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch displays, with a slightly narrow notch. Furthermore, Apple is expected to provide 120Hz ProMotion support for the Pro models, while the new A15 chip will have the same number of cores but will be stronger than the A14, and may offer Cinematic Video camera features a.k.a. Video Portrait Mode, ProRes video recording and AI filter system, can bring different styles of photos.

Gurman said that in addition to the new iPhone, Apple is expected to launch the third generation of AirPods, which are expected to be closer in design to AirPods Pro, a newly designed iPad mini, a new iPad mini with a larger display, narrower bezels and more performance, and a ninth-generation iPad on the way.

In addition, Apple is also expected to launch a new Apple Watch Series 7 with a straight screen design and performance upgrades. Apple Watch Series 7 is also expected to bring us Time to Walk, a feature update that will support sports modes like running. In addition, Apple is also preparing more extensions to the feature, such as self-set exercise time and meditation in an audible environment.

As for the much-anticipated new MacBook Pro, they will be available in November, the second anniversary of the Intel-based 16-inch MacBook Pro, and are expected to feature a mini-LED display, a newer design, and the M1X chip, which will likely feature 10,000 mini-LED dots to rival OLEDs.

Overall, Apple is expected to hold its first fall launch event in September, when it could unveil a new iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, while a new iPad and certain new products could be reserved for a second launch event, and the final event of the quarter will be Apple’s new Mac line of products.

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