Gaming Capabilities of the iQOO 8 Series Unveiled

Gaming Capabilities of the iQOO 8 Series

Gaming Capabilities of the iQOO 8 Series

iQOO new flagship model iQOO 8 series is scheduled for official release on August 17, the official has been several rounds of warm-up. Today, iQOO previewed the gaming capabilities of the iQOO 8 Series. iQOO 8 Series equipped with dual control under the screen pressure-sensitive touch, and equipped with dual X-axis motor, stereo dual speakers, called competitive king, comes with BUFF.

This combination has already appeared in the iQOO 7 series, first of all, the Monster Touch screen is dual control pressure-sensitive, the screen supports the left and right areas are pressed, corresponding to the two pressure operations, the logic of operation, and the traditional pressure-sensitive shoulder keys consistent.

The Z-axis linear motor is placed on the left and right of the body, constituting a dual linear motor, with the screen dual control pressure-sensitive, to achieve the left and right vibration respectively. Dual ultra-linear speakers can bring surround sound effects to meet the game listening sound discrimination.

With the combination of dual stereo speakers, the three can bring the ultimate gaming experience, especially in the most obvious effect in the games of the first person.

In addition to the combination, according to the previously announced parameters, iQOO 8 will be equipped with Snapdragon 888 Plus processor, which is currently the Android camp as a powerful chip, providing strong performance support for the gaming experience.

More importantly, the iQOO 8 is equipped with a so-called “industry ceiling” of the top screen, the world’s first Samsung’s latest generation of E5 material panel, in the saturation, brightness, contrast ratio, and other aspects have unique advantages, but also supports 2K+ resolution and native 10bit display is currently known to be one of the most excellent cell phone screens.

120W ultra-fast flash charging will be standard for the entire iQOO series. iQOO 8 Pro also becomes the first product in iQOO’s history to be equipped with 50W wireless flash charging and also has a 10W reverse charging function.


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