What Excites us About iPhone 13 Series – Display, Design, or Camera?

What excites us about iPhone 13 Series - Display, Design, or Camera?

(In picture: iPhone 12 Pro Max)

What Excites us About iPhone 13 Series

In this month, several top brands are about to release or released their top tear flagship phones. Among them, the innovative Xiaomi Mix 4 make its debut yesterday with Camera Under Panel (CUP), while Samsung’s fashionable Galaxy Z Flip3 and Samsung’s first under-display camera phone Galaxy Z Fold3 were released today.

Not just Samsung and Xiaomi have the technology to show up, Honor will also introduce the Magic 3 top tear flagship tomorrow claimed to be packed with best-in-class movie cameras that had IMAX ENHANCED movie features. Another brand iQOO, known for its cost-effectiveness will also introduce iQOO 8 and 8 Pro on 17th August, which will debut best in class display with Samsung’s E5 Luminous Material.

September is also getting closer and closer, and Apple usually debuts new iPhones this month. According to the naming rule, iPhone 13 Series will debut in September. As the release time getting closer, news about iPhone 13 Series is also emerging, and the biggest highlight of the new iPhone upgrade is the display and camera.

According to reports, this iPhone 13 release will introduce a 120Hz refresh rate, Android camp already has been using 120Hz for years and even mid-ranger from 15K (INR) comes with it. In this regard, Apple needs to introduce a 120Hz display differently or must have exclusive technologies for display, that to make the iPhone different.

Besides the high refresh rate, the iPhone 13 Series’ front screen bangs area will be reduced by using a hidden earpiece in the frame. The overall visual and existing iPhone 12 series should not be much different. On the other, the Android campaign reached complete full screen with under-screen camera technology, the best example is the recently launched Xiaomi Mix 4. So, the display and design of the iPhone 13 Series are not exciting this time.

What excites us about iPhone 13 Series is the camera, as Mark Gurman at Bloomberg brings new exciting news about the camera. According to the report, Apple will join the series for video creators and other professionals to customize a series of new camera features, including the ProRes function for video, video portrait mode, and so on.

iPhone 13 Series’ new video portrait mode also supports a filter-like system that can automatically improve the details and colors of the photos taken through advanced algorithms. The ProRes video recording feature, on the other hand, is a higher quality storage format that can greatly enhance the tolerance of video creators in post-processing, a feature previously used by professional video producers such as the film industry.

This shows that Apple’s upgrade for the iPhone is also increasingly limited, after all, it is now difficult to open too much difference in the hardware of the phone, can only try to add some unique selling points at the software level, the video function has little impact on the public experience, but the new high refresh rate screen should still cause a wave of users to change their phone.

Comprehensive known news so far, the iPhone 13 series will launch four models, respectively iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, configuration from low to high. iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 back dual camera will be changed to a diagonal arrangement, iPhone 13 Pro series is still the same three cameras design, but with larger lenses that takes more space on the backside.

Source: Bloomberg, Featured Image: Apple

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