Xiaomi CyberDog Real-life Demo of Bio-inspired Quadruped Robot

Xiaomi CyberDog Real-life Demo

Xiaomi CyberDog Real-life Demo

Today Xiaomi held a product launch conference to unveil Mix 4 and Tablet 5 Series. At the end of the Xiaomi MIX4 conference, Lei Jun showed an exploration concept project within Xiaomi – the first generation of Xiaomi’s bionic quadruped robot CyberDog was officially unveiled.

Xiaomi CyberDog Real-life Demo

Xiaomi engineers said called the iron egg life is relatively hard, the project is easy to succeed. According to Lei Jun, CyberDog not only has a bionic motion gait but also has a bionic visual and auditory interaction experience, so that it can listen to instructions, identify the master and even automatically follow the master movement.

It is reported that it is built with Xiaomi’s high-performance servo motor, which provides 32N-m maximum output torque, 220rpm maximum speed, and 3.2m/s fastest walking speed. With the built-in high-precision environmental sensing system, the whole body has 11 high-precision sensors on standby to actively detect subtle external changes. These include touch sensors, cameras, ultrasonic sensors, GPS modules, etc.

CyberDog supports a super-sensitive visual detection system, with the collaboration of multiple sensors, it can sense the current environment, create a navigation map through algorithms, and automatically plan the optimal route to the next target point. In the process of navigation and following can achieve autonomous obstacle avoidance. In terms of peripherals, three Type-C and one HDMI ports are provided for external searchlights, panoramic cameras, sports cameras, LIDAR, and other expansion devices.

Xiaomi promised to open source the bionic quadruped robot research and development results to the world, a limited number of open engineering exploration versions with the ultimate spirit of exploration of Xiaomi fans, geeks enthusiasts cooperation, and co-creation, through the technical exploration to make Xiaomi CyberDog achieve more superpower.

Xiaomi CyberDog Introduction

The CyberDog Engineering Explorer Edition is priced at 9,999 RMB and can be found in the “CyberDog Circle” in the Xiaomi community for more information. In addition, Xiaomi will set up the Xiaomi Robotics Lab to invite more engineers to explore a cooler, more fun future.

Officially, it brings together 11 years of Xiaomi’s technical precipitation, is a deep condensation of the culture of engineers and the spirit of innovation, but also Xiaomi’s exploration of the future of technology life again.

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