Why ZTE Axon30 does not use a curved screen? ZTE President Answered

Why ZTE Axon30 does not use a curved screen?

Why ZTE Axon30 does not use a curved screen?

Recently, ZTE released 2nd generation under-screen camera flagship – ZTE Axon 30 5G. With a new generation of under-screen camera technology and Snapdragon 870 processor and other flagship configurations, the machine received many consumer’s praises.

ZTE Axon30 Hands-on Experience Under-screen Camera

For the recent online discussion of the under the screen camera problem, today, ZTE Terminal Division President Ni Fei personally answered, why ZTE Axon30 does not use a curved screen?

Ni Fei said, at present, the flexible curved screen with a camera under the screen, not yet fully mature. Curved screen structure and the straight screen are different, the straight screen using a more light-transmitting substrate glass, while the same location of the bottom layer of the curved screen, is the color yellow and poor light transmission PI substrate. This material, which can lead to photo effects is affected, making photos look a little yellow.

Ni Fei pointed out that from the experience of the commercial two generations of under-screen camera solution, now AMOLED straight screen is better. “Finally, welcome friendly under-screen products as soon as possible to market. Let’s work together to provide consumers with more quality under-screen products!” said Ni Fei.

It is reported that the ZTE Axon 30 under-screen version is equipped with a 6.92-inch 1.07 billion color-true full-screen, built with AMOLED material, with a resolution of 2460 × 1080 and a screen PPI of 400, covering 100% DCI-P3 and supporting a 120Hz refresh rate. The front lens area, using 7 layers of highly transparent material and 3 layers of special technology, more light transmission.

In addition, ZTE Axon 30 Under Screen Edition is also the first screen in the world to receive three authoritative eye protection certifications, including TUV Rheinland, SGS Switzerland, and UL USA.


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