iQOO 8 Series Display Supplier Unveiled: Pro use Micro-prism Technology

iQOO 8 Series Display Supplier

iQOO 8 Series Display Supplier

iQOO 8 series will be released on the evening of the 17th of this month, with the official announcement of this new machine has been announced, more and more news also appeared on the network.

This afternoon, the well-known Weibo blogger Digital Chat Station brought another iQOO 8 series display supplier. According to him, iQOO8 Pro micro-curved screen parameters pulled full, those who look forward to straight screen can look at iQOO8, battery capacity is larger than iQOO 7, the same 120W fast charging, the body is also thinner than the previous generation. The screen is the new custom BOE flexible screen, supports native 10bit color depth, supports multi-grade refresh rate, users who like gaming can pay attention to it.

At the same time, he also discussed with netizens in the microblogging comments that only iQOO 8 is the use of BOE screen, iQOO8 Pro is the full range of Samsung E5 2K resolution high refresh rate screen.

The battery capacity of the previous generation iQOO 7 is 4000mAh, this iQOO 8 series is doing a large battery increase while also maintaining the 120W fast charging, and the body has also become thinner, I believe it can also make a lot of iQOO fans satisfied.

iQOO 8 Pro’s E5 light-emitting material with micro-prism technology, LTPO refresh rate steplessly variable technology so that the phone can take into account the screen effect and power saving. The iQOO 8 phones will use micro-prism technology, its technology principle is similar to the principle of headlights in the car concentrating light, can reduce light loss, achieve higher light efficiency, the same brightness conditions in the lower power consumption.

In addition, the phone’s screen will support a 120Hz refresh rate, and the latest LTPO refresh rate stepless variable technology, according to the user’s use of different scenarios, to ensure the user’s ultimate demand for control and smooth visual experience, while intelligently reducing power consumption, to avoid ineffective power consumption screen.

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