Mi Mix 4 Microscopic Photos of the display shows Diamond + Small Pearl Arrangement

Mi Mix 4 Microscopic Photos of the Display

Mi Mix 4 Microscopic Photos of the Display

In the morning of August 5, the official account of Xiaomi Mobile continued to warm up the new Xiaomi Mi MIX 4, which will be released on the evening of the 10th of August.

Xiaomi Mobile issued a text saying, “three years, 1,021 days. Breakthroughs have been made, failures have been made, and hundreds of detours have been taken. But the heart of exploration has never changed. Not afraid of slow, not afraid of challenges, because of the road of dreams straight ahead.”

Although there is not much mention of the hardware and appearance of this phone and other information, still can not stop the enthusiasm of netizens for this phone, after all, the appearance of the first generation of MIX is too stunning.

As the annual flagship, in addition to Xiaomi itself, netizens also have high hopes for this new product, the official said, Xiaomi MIX series is a product born for the dream. It is the engineer’s ideal of technology, it is the designer’s obsession with aesthetics, and it carries the imagination of thousands of rice fans for the future.

Besides the official announcement, Weibo blogger Ice Universe shared Mi Mix 4 microscopic photos of the display. From the picture can see that this is very typical is hoaxing photoelectric class diamond + small pearl arrangement, this kind of diamond arrangement compared to traditional arrangement display fine degree is higher, the display effect is also better some.

However, it can also be seen that the under-screen part has been optimized for special small pixels, which reduces the volume of a single pixel while ensuring pixel density and can maximize the amount of incoming light. There is a certain color gap between the blue of the small pearl and the blue of the under-screen part, which is the micro-transparent pixel.

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