OPPO Next-generation Under-screen Camera Technology Unveiled; Check out Hands-On Video

OPPO Next-generation Under-screen Camera Technology

OPPO Next-generation Under-screen Camera Technology

OPPO, this morning also officially announced its own under-screen front camera lens program, OPPO posted that, “Flip, lift, side rotation, we always have new ways to hide the camera. After two years, OPPO’s next-generation under-screen camera was officially released, and this time, the strength of both the screen and the camera can’t be hidden.”

OPPO Next-generation Under-screen Camera Technology

As you can see from the video brought by OPPO, OPPO’s under-screen camera technology also uses a lens-centered design, while the entire phone is a completely invisible lens after the bright screen, the resolution, and refresh rate are also no different from normal cell phones.

Oppo next-generation under-screen camera technology, through a combination of hardware innovation and self-researched algorithms, the front camera perfectly hidden under the screen, the whole screen whether in the light or rest state are integrated, taking into account the screen display effect and under-screen camera imaging quality.

OPPO Next-generation Under-screen Camera Technology Hands-On Experience Video

Blogger, who experienced the engineering prototype of OPPO’s next-generation under-screen camera, said, “this is what the under-screen camera of a mobile phone should look like! I have tried that no matter from which angle, different light refraction, and different screen display colors, the camera under the OPPO next-generation screen hides very, very well, and it is very difficult to find the presence of a camera under the screen. Even if you see a little shadow from a special angle, it is very small and light in color, and the same is true under the screen. Also, I like the reference prototype of this display technology, this size is just right for me!

OPPO’s under-screen proactive technology display machine and the BOE screen arranged behind the screen achieve the industry-leading 400PPI 1:1 display effect. The key is that the pixel arrangement and pixel drive have 400PPI, which is currently the only one in the industry. The hidden effect of the area under the screen is very good, it is difficult to detect directly and slightly from the side. It is especially obvious compared with the previous generation under the screen, and it is mass-produced.

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From the demonstration effect, this engineering machine did “screen display and photography at the same time”, at least to do the front no matter what color is displayed without the sense of the screen, just do not know when the party can be produced.

From the previous preview content, OPPO used a custom screen and custom camera for this technology, but also specifically for algorithmic optimization, through the white balance algorithm + HDR algorithm + AI defogging algorithm to achieve optimization.

In terms of display, OPPO’s next-generation under-screen camera solution introduces a series of technological innovations at the level of screen structure design and AI algorithm set. Following are the highlights of new technologies:

On the camera side, to solve the typical problems of blurred photos and glare caused by insufficient light transmission on the screen in the under-screen camera area, OPPO Research Institute has developed its own set of AI imaging algorithms, including a series of unique algorithms such as de-diffraction, HDR and AWB, to greatly improve the imaging quality.

OPPO’s next-generation under-screen camera sample photos

At the same time, OPPO also continuously trains AI de-diffraction algorithm models through a database containing tens of thousands of photos to effectively control diffraction in light sources, achieving clearer and more natural photo effects for users.

Innovative pixel geometry of OPPO’s next-generation under-screen camera

As the market demand for higher screen-to-body ratio and innovative product forms for smartphones continues to rise, OPPO has been committed to exploring and leading the development trend of future smartphone forms. OPPO said that since it started the research and development of under-screen cameras in 2018, OPPO has iterated its technical solution three times so far and applied for more than 200 patents related to under-screen camera technology.

Meanwhile, in 2020 OPPO submitted a standard proposal for under-screen cameras to the International Electrotechnical Commission’s Electronic Display Technical Committee (IEC) for the first time. OPPO has made a significant contribution to the application and testing standards of under-screen camera technology through its traction with the IEC.

Officials also said that OPPO plans to further deepen its R&D in self-research algorithms, screen structure design, and customization in the future, and will continue to optimize its solutions to bring immersive full-screen with both screen display and image effects to users.

OPPO brought this display machine is a double curved screen design, but the curvature of the surface is very small, considered micro-surface, as for OPPO’s first under-screen lens new machine is this is not certain, after all, so far, OPPO has not officially announced the release of its new machine news, or to wait again.

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