Realme MagDart Magnetic Wireless Technology, Chargers and Accessories Unveiled

Realme MagDart Magnetic Wireless Charging

Realme MagDart Magnetic Wireless Charging

On the evening of 3rd August, Realme held a Magnetic Innovation Event, brought its MagDart magnetic wireless charging technologies and new products. It is the first magnetic charging technology in the Android camp, and its model Realme Flash is the first magnetic wireless charging the phone for Android.

Realme MagDart 50W

MagDart magnetic suction flash charging maximum power of 50W, 0.2mm ultra-thin coil design, the use of advanced boron and cobalt magnets. This magnet has many features including 5N magnetic force, 0.3mm thickness, and continuous decay of less than 0.01%, making the Realme Flash equipped with this technology will not become thicker and heavier.

Of course, such high power will certainly cause heat, let alone wireless charging, so the charger is equipped with an active air-cooled cooling system, the charging process keeps the temperature of the motherboard and coils at normal levels, enabling the charger to maintain high power charging for a long time.

Official data released shows that MagDart magnetic flash charging (50W) can be charged in 5 minutes to 20% of the power, 54 minutes to fill a 4500mAh battery, comparable to wired charging, said to be the world’s fastest magnetic wireless charging.

Realme MagDart 15W

In addition, for the sake of thinness, MagDart also has a 15W flash charging adapter, using the main control chip and charging coil separate design, with the thickness of only 3.9mm, 90 minutes to fill the 4500mAh battery.

In addition, to be thin and light, MagDart also has a 15W flash charging adapter, which uses a design where the main control chip is separated from the charging coil. The thickness is only 3.9mm, and it can charge a 4500mAh battery in 90 minutes. Although the same 15W as Apple MagSafe, but Realme said MagDart is not only thinner but also more efficient charging.

Realme MagDart Accessories

Then there are accessories about magnetic charging, In addition, to bring users a more free and convenient all-around wireless charging experience, Realme has dedicated itself to creating MagDart magnetic wireless flash charging mobile power bank, and also brought a two-in-one charging dock for MagDart magnetic wireless flash charging mobile power.

Mobile power and cell phone can be paired together and placed on the charging dock, the mobile power can charge the cell phone and the dock can charge the mobile power. When you need to go out, you can pull out the mobile power bank from the dock and connect it to your phone, making the experience very convenient.

There is also a magnetic ring flash selfie light (support brightness adjustment, color temperature adjustment), magnetic card case, and even a magnetic charging phone case for Realme GT, carbon fiber, with a magnetic wireless flash module and a full-featured Type-C interface.

The last thing to note is that Realme is releasing the magnetic charging technology this time, which means that it has reached the mass production level, and it is expected that more new machines will follow to carry it.

In addition, Realme also announced at the conference that its 125W flash charging will be mass-produced next year before the data show that the 4000mAh battery flashes back to 33% power in 3 minutes.


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