Annual Lei Jun Speech held 10th, August; Mix 4, Tablet 5 will be there

Annual Lei Jun Speech

Annual Lei Jun Speech

This morning, Xiaomi officially announced that the annual Lei Jun speech will be held on the evening of Tuesday, August 10. For this speech, many netizens expressed curiosity, such as whether the long-rumored Xiaomi annual flagship debut? The MIUI 13 will be released?

Lei Jun, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi

This Lei Jun microblogging made a detailed reply, and said that if this speech is well done, continue to insist on it, held once a year. Lei Jun said that the speech content is estimated at 1 hour, the principle is only to talk about things that have not been said in the past, this speech will also release several new products.

According to the above reply, it can be confirmed that Lei Jun this speech will bring Xiaomi a new machine, most likely the rumored Xiaomi MIX 4 and Xiaomi Tablet 5.

The system, Lei Jun said MIUI team accept everyone’s suggestion, first focus on polishing the core experience, to solve the most concerned about the basic experience problems, this time will also report the overall situation as a whole. Most importantly, Lei Jun clearly stated in the article that MIUI 13 will be released at the end of the year, hoping to live up to everyone’s expectations.

Besides the Mix 4 and Tablet 5 products, Xiaomi CC series product manager Wei Siqi also revealed in his microblogging news of another new Xiaomi machine, she said: this conference will not release the new Xiaomi CC series, but also soon. In short, today uncovered highlights are as follows:


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