Realme Flash Renderings Exposed with MagDart Magnetic Wireless Charging

Realme Flash Renderings Exposure

Realme Flash Renderings Exposure

Last year, Apple introduced the MagSafe function on the iPhone 12 series, bringing a magnetic wireless charging, but although the design direction is to enhance the user experience, but limited by the low power charging effect.

Now, there is an Android model to follow up this technology, and in the specifications to do the effect of crushing the iPhone 12 series while also giving solutions to slow charging and even heat deception.

According to GSMArena recently reported that Realme has an engineering machine named Realme Flash, which is the first phone in the Android camp to support magnetic wireless charging and support at least 15W fast charging effect.

According to reports, Realme’s magnetic wireless charger is called Realme MagDart, which has two specifications, one of which is a slim effect version that supports 15W charging and can meet basic charging needs.

The other one has very powerful specifications, its overall thickness is much larger, with an all-metal design, which is conducive to wireless charging heat dissipation, and is also equipped with an active cooling fan to guarantee to charge speed, so it will also be equipped with higher wireless charging power, and is expected to support higher wireless charging.

Additionally, GSMARENA also shared Realme Flash renderings of the phone showing design and specifications. Realme Flash was designed with a dual-curved screen with a single-hole solution on the front and a back equipped with a matrix-style wide-eyed triple camera combination, with the Realme logo still horizontally arranged at the bottom of the phone. Realme Flash is equipped with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and running Android 11’s Realme UI 2.0.


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