Why is Oppo 125W Fast Charging Not Available Yet? Official Respond

Why is Oppo 125W Fast Charging Not Available Yet?

Why is Oppo 125W Fast Charging Not Available Yet?

On July 22, OPPO held a flash charging open day in Chongqing. This flash charging conference has the following new technologies in terms of safety: gallium nitride electronic switch, internal string dual cells, battery safety monitoring chip, sandwich-type safety battery, etc., to create a not only fast but safe also. After the event, OPPO chief flash charging scientist Zhang Galiang was interviewed by the media. Where he further explained OPPO flash charging technology.

Dialogue with Zhang Galiang, the father of VOOC flash charging: power is not endless, improve the detailed experience is the key. When we overheard the advertising slogan “charge for five minutes, talk for two hours”, how could we have imagined that OPPO would become the leader of fast charging technology in the smartphone industry in the future, bringing technologies such as 125W super flash charging.

125W, see this power believe that many people will be amazed, after all, the fastest charging technology is the latest OPPO Reno4 series of 65W, and the market is generally used only 30-40W fast charging.

Now, several brands already mass-produced and made commercially available charging power of 120W. So the question comes to mind, why is Oppo 125W wired fast charging not yet commercially available? Oppo charging technologies scientist Zhang Galiang responded as below:

To release mass production, there is no problem now, but we are still not satisfied with the status quo, so we have not reached mass production. This dissatisfaction refers to the need to use high rate cells, in the same case the battery capacity is small, the poor battery life. To do a good job of endurance, and will lead to the phone becomes bulky, which is not acceptable to our technology and product side, so the need for battery technology progress. Then there is the problem of high-strength safety hazards brought about by the higher chemical reaction activity of the high rate battery.

Zhang Galiang, Chief Scientist of VOOC Flash Charge


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