Android Tablet Ecology is Bad, Does Xiaomi Solved Problem

Android Tablet Ecology, App Adoption, and User Experience

Android Tablet Ecology, App Adoption, and User Experience

Affected by the new crown epidemic, telecommuting, online education, and other application scenarios rapidly popularized, tablet product shipments from 2020 began to rise. However, the tablet market this piece of cake is perennially occupied by Apple, Android-powered tablets due to a variety of reasons is always unsatisfactory.

When it comes to Android tablets, many digital enthusiasts can be said to be complaining. We all know that the configuration of some Android tablets is not bad, the difficulty is ecological, especially in terms of applications. In addition to some popular applications will be adapted to the version of the tablet launched separately, many applications are an enlarged version of the app, the experience is very poor, which is one of the main reasons why Android tablets have not been able to do up.

In this regard, Redmi product director Wang Teng asked users a similar question on Weibo: to talk about the tablet, what aspects are we concerned about, and what are the main uses? The ecology of the Android tablet is not very good, many apps are not well adapted, headache. Wang Teng this “spit Android ecology” may mean that Xiaomi has solved the Android tablet software adaptation problem, the details are waiting to be revealed at the launch.

Xiaomi Tablet’s new series is expected to be officially released next month, after the product has already entered the network, it will launch three models to meet the needs of users in different price brackets.

The Xiaomi tablet system is said to be one of the priorities of the MIUI team, and will also have a unique way of interconnection with the phone, the user should be much better than our traditional impression of the Android tablet, but in other applications adaptations, always depends on whether third-party software can follow up.

Don’t worry about the configuration, Xiaomi’s three tablets will be equipped with a 2K LCD screen, the high-end version also packs the Snapdragon 870 processor to ensure that the hardware is worry-free.


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