New Oppo Charging Technologies Unveiled With Goal of Speed and Safety is the Prerequisite

New Oppo Charging Technologies

New Oppo Charging Technologies

Today, OPPO held a “flash charging open day”, officially released several battery technologies such as battery safety detection chip, and Internal String Double Cell Structure, and new oppo charging technologies.

More than just fast! The new experience in the era of safe and intelligent flash charging. Each link of innovation is additional peace of mind. With continuous innovation around hardware materials, AI algorithms, and structural design, the VOOC flash charging technology platform has more safety technology.

Internal string double cell

The “Internal String Double Cell” structure is an innovative way to pack two cells in one battery bag. Introducing a layer of special polymer material to make the two cells inside the battery work independently without interfering with each other, which will reduce the waste of invalid space, and while maintaining all the safety performance of the dual cell. The internal string structure design can increase the capacity by at least 5% year on year, which is safe and can also have a large capacity.

Battery safety detection chip

The battery safety detection chip is like a detective in the phone, identifying the battery’s abnormal voltage dips, long before the human eye identifies the invisible internal hidden dangers. With AI algorithm intelligent differentiation and exclude the voltage dip brought by pulse large load, etc… When the battery is judged to be damaged, the user is alerted to repair and replace it, thus eliminating the hidden risk of safety problems caused by damaged batteries earlier.

Sandwich type safety battery

OPPO sandwich-type safety battery solves the hidden danger of battery safety from the source. By using a new composite polymer material as the substrate, two layers of aluminum are plated in a very challenging process to form a “sandwich” structure instead of the traditional aluminum foil collector, and a safety coating is applied on top to form the final five-layer safety structure.

Smart Charging Technology

OPPO’s innovative smart charging technology can detect and control the negative potential in real-time within a reasonable range, and intelligently and dynamically regulate the charging current to keep it maximized.

The smart charging algorithm can match the most reasonable charging current for different battery capacities, different charging adapters, different battery usage states, and different charging stages, intelligently enhancing battery life and charging speed while controlling charging heat.

OPPO officials say that the smart charging technology allows each battery to have an exclusive charging curve and each user to have an exclusive charging mode.

Low impedance fuse

OPPO has developed a low-impedance fuse with an internal resistance value twice as low as before, and the heat generation is reduced by half accordingly. By reducing the heat generation during charging, further improves the maximum current constant flow time during charging while ensuring safety.

Low-voltage GaN

For the first time, OPPO applies low-voltage gallium nitride to the internal circuit of the phone for fast charging path management. One GaN can replace two silicon mos, which is smaller and more space-saving and has lower impedance than a single silicon mos, which can reduce heat consumption in this path, lower charging temperature rise, and improve charging constant current duration.

In addition, GaN has higher voltage resistance per unit volume, with the same volume, the nominal value of voltage resistance is higher than silicon, and has better protection ability.

With technologies OPPO achieve 1500 times charging and discharging 80% of the remaining power, extending the national standard 300% and In full-blooded mode, 65w super flash charging speed increased by 20%, full 4500mAh in 30 minutes.

OPPO said, from the beginning of the flash charging, safety is implanted into OPPO’s flash charging gene. Speed is the goal, safety is the prerequisite. Especially in today’s ultra-high power charging and high rate battery popularity, the industry should devote higher attention to safety.

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