Huawei’s Current Situation Gives Wake-up Call to Domestic Manufacturers to Work on Own Chips

Domestic Manufacturers to Work on Own Chips

Domestic Manufacturers to Work on Own Chips

Huawei P50 series, which has been rumored since the beginning of the year, is finally scheduled to be officially released on July 29. From the publicity preview, the series still focuses on the photography aspect.

Due to well-known reasons for the shortage of SoC, Huawei P50 Series will be available in limited quantities with Snapdragon 888 4G and Kirin 9000 SoC, which market what get is still unknown. Watching the current situation of Huawei, several Chinese top brands also looking forward to making their own chips for future safety.

Huawei has the current situation because of the U.S. ban, I believe we all saw it, which also gave the domestic manufacturers who also do cell phone business a wake-up call, to not be choked, the only way to do their chips.

According to Digital Chat Station, the latest industries breaking news that several major domestic manufacturers have all started to do the chip, but because of technical reasons just started to test the start-up products are similar to ISP image chip or low-power chip applied to IoT products, such as Xiaomi’s surging C1 and Vivo Yueyang ISP.

Earlier when OPPO also has its own Mariana Project announced, but more than a year has passed since this time, OPPO currently has no news to announce, it seems to do the chip is difficult.

However, the Digital Chat Station said that if the few heads of the big manufacturers have entered the pilot chip smoothly, the domestic semiconductor industry process will usher in a nodal breakthrough next year, which is considered very good news for all of in China, I hope that domestic brands can be more and more independent, more and more powerful.


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