MIUI 13 New Features Tipped: Efforts in Fluency, UI, Special Features

MIUI 13 New Features

MIUI 13 New Features

The latest news says that the new Xiaomi launch is scheduled for around August 11, where MIUI 13, Mix 4, CC 11 Series, Tablet series will be unveiled. Among them, Mix 4 is expected to be using MIUI 13 software optimization.

So, what’s new in MIUI 13? Recently well-known Weibo blogger tipped MIUI 13 new features. According to him, MIUI 13 update includes a new way to play in small window mode, new desktop icons, memory fusion technology, layered rendering system animation, new fonts, new sound effects, new touch experience, etc.

Although details about these features are still unclear, it is easy to see that MIUI 13 is a comprehensive effort in terms of fluency, UI visual effects, and special features.

For a long time, Xiaomi MIUI developers are working on memory fusion expansion technology, which will help the old small memory users to improve their daily experience. Currently, Vivo, OPPO, Huawei, Xiaomi have virtual memory class technology, the principle is unknown, but the actual effect can be achieved similar to the experience of higher memory.


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