OPPO Watch 2 Release Date and Time Announced: will talk about new Charging Technologies

Oppo Watch 2 Official Renderings

Oppo Watch 2 Official Renderings

OPPO Watch 2 Release Date and Time

In today’s morning, OPPO officially announced the OPPO Watch 2 release date and time: July 27 at 15:00. OPPO said, “a shot at the ceiling of Android watches.”

According to the previously exposed pictures, OPPO Watch 2 series has a square screen and round screen versions, the new OPPO Watch will support gaming mode, the official said “almost no shortcomings”.

The source said that the Oppo Watch 2 Series will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip, storage will be upgraded to 16GB, the device will also support eSIM. The watch adds a new stress test, and the watch can control the phone to take pictures, etc.

Following the official announcement, Oppo Watch 2 also listed on Jingdong Mall to open the reservation. OPPO Watch 2 reservation interface revealed some information about the new smartwatch, including high-definition pictures. The page shows that the OPPO Watch 2 has a square screen and supports heart rate detection and eSIM independent communication.

In addition, OPPO’s new watch will also use the Apollo4s chip jointly developed by OPPO and Ambiq. It is said that the Apollo4s chip will be used in combination with Snapdragon Wear 4100, which will reduce the power consumption of the watch. When the watch is resting on the screen or performing low-power tasks, the chip will actively reduce the computing power, which will help extend the battery life.

According to the Digital Chat Station, with the jointly developed Apollo4s + Snapdragon Wear4100 chip built-in, Oppo Watch 2 what is even more powerful is that it provides a set of optimal battery life solutions for smartwatches, which can be regarded as the best battery life of Android watches.

Furthermore, before the release of Watch 2 Series, on July 22, Oppo will talk about new charging technologies. Oppo said, “From 22.5W to 125W, can mobile phone charging only get faster and faster? On July 22, OPPO talked to you about something other than “fast”.

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