Xiaomi Tablet 5 Design Drawing Exposure

Xiaomi Tablet 5 Design Drawing

Xiaomi Tablet 5 Design Drawing

Today on the internet exposed the profile of the new Xiaomi Tablet 5 design drawing. As shown in the picture, the front of the new Xiaomi tablet for the narrow bezel, full-screen design, the back camera shape, and Xiaomi 11 camera as the same, like an enlarged version of Xiaomi 11, the speaker in the bottom of the body position.

According to the previously disclosed information, the new Xiaomi tablet uses two processors, one for Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, one for Qualcomm Snapdragon 860. They use a 2K resolution screen with a 16:10 screen aspect ratio and are made of LCD/OLED, which is expected to support a high refresh rate and offer two screen sizes.

Xiaomi Tablet 5 Design Drawing

What’s more, the new Xiaomi tablets are expected to bring multi-screen collaboration capabilities. Huawei is currently bringing “multi-screen collaboration” and “parallel view” to the tablet to improve the experience.

Lastly, we are concerned about the release event, the new Xiaomi tablet is expected to be officially released in August, the new Xiaomi MIX series is also expected to debut in August. In addition this year, the focus of the MIUI team there is a tablet system, based on MIUI customization, wait and see.


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