Equipped with Snapdragon 895 Xiaomi Mi 12 Model Number Exposed

Xiaomi Mi 12 Model Number

Xiaomi Mi 12 Model Number

Not long ago, Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 888 Plus chip at the same time, but also accidentally exposed the next generation of flagship chip product planning, the official revealed equipped with “sm8450” Snapdragon 895 terminal products are expected to be officially unveiled at the end of the year.

Industry sources say that the overall progress of Snapdragon 895 is at least half a month ahead of schedule, and perhaps a new machine will be introduced to the market in early December.

From the previous generations of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series processor debut, Xiaomi digital series may debut or the first batch of Snapdragon 895 equipped with the aforementioned code name SM8450.

According to the naming order, the company’s next-generation digital series flagship named should be Xiaomi Mi 12 Series, with a variety of models. Today, Digital Chat Station broke the news that the standard version of the Mi 12 Series is also very strong this time, in addition to carrying Snapdragon 895, with super-fast charging super-high pixel super screen.

A new Xiaomi codename “2201122C”, the model should be L2C, which will be equipped with sm8450 platform (Snapdragon 895), and will launch at least the standard version and Pro version of the two, of which the standard version is also very strong.

Digital Chat Station.

Previously it was rumored that Xiaomi is testing a new model of 200 megapixels, using Samsung S5KGND sensor, with the 1/1.37-inch outsole, 1.28um unit pixel area (0.64um PD), 0.64um unit pixel focus size, most likely corresponding to the Xiaomi 12 series.

Referring to the Xiaomi 11 series, the standard version was first equipped with Snapdragon 888 and was launched on New Year’s Day 2021, so Mi 12 is expected too.


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