Realme GT Master Edition Official Trailer and Live Photos Exposing 3D Plain Leather

Realme GT Master Edition Official Trailer

Realme GT Master Edition Official Trailer and Live Photos

Probably because the circle has been exposed too much even the PPT that exposes full specifications, so Realme for the new GT Master Edition to be released next week in terms of appearance is not hidden, but chose to directly in the form of video public.

Realme GT Master Edition Official Trailer

In addition to the official public design inspiration, the omnipotent netizens have also brought a high-definition picture of the phone and also the design of the front screen.

As you can see, the front of the Realme GT Master Explorer Edition carries a single dug-out curved screen in the upper left corner, with the upper and lower bezels controlled almost the same, and a good overall visual.

The design of the back case is inspired by the classic MUJI suitcase, the material is gray plain leather, both dirty and non-staining fingerprints at the same time looks very recognizable, the upper left corner is the traditional photo lens module design, the right side of the lens is the realme logo and Naoto Fukasawa’s signature.

The realme official has released the renders of the realme GT Master Explorer Edition, which will be the first phone in the industry to feature a three-dimensional 3D skin process, an integrated starburst lens in the same color as the body, and an aluminum alloy metal center frame.

The design is inspired by the travel luggage official said, GT Master Edition vegetal leather texture, light and soft to the touch, while using the grill design, close to holding, is an unprecedented bold concept.

Suitcase-grey, inspired by the suitcase that accompanies you around the world. I think this is the most synesthetic design of the Master Edition so far. When I first saw the design draft, I already felt the atmosphere of freedom of travel! Plain leather design + special embossing craftsmanship, is a masterpiece that you can’t refuse from visual sense to fingertip touch!


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