Realme GT Master Edition Suitcase Gray Color Exposed in Real Life Photos

Realme GT Master Edition Suitcase Gray Color

Realme GT Master Edition Suitcase Gray Color

Following the Realme GT Master Edition, full specifications exposure through leaked PPT, today Realme officially announced that the upcoming GT Master Edition launch conference will be held on July 21.

The machine has been previously previewed in microblogging, realme vice president Xu Qi Chase microblogging, said that the new machine is the pinnacle of both screens, image, and face value. In terms of design, Realme continues to work with Japanese design master Naoto Fukasawa to create the GT Master series, the design is worth looking forward to.

According to the PPT exposure, Realme GT Master Edition provides three colors of the morning sun, snow mountain, and suitcase gray, with a light-sensitive under-screen fingerprint. Among them, Realme GT Master Edition Suitcase Gray color today exposed in real-life photos by spokesperson Yang Mi Studio. Does the design inspiration come from the suitcase?

Released a set of sample photos, showing the back shape of the machine. As shown in the picture, the new machine rear still has the signature of Naoto Fukasawa, a camera module for rectangular vertical arrangement, including three cameras. The more eye-catching is the back of the new machine, which seems to be the use of recessed design, some users said very much like the common kind of suitcase design, what do you think?

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