Huami announced Zepp OS Smartwatch Operating System: is Only 55MB in Size

Huami Zepp OS for Wearables

Huami Zepp OS Introduction

The Scope

The CEO of Huami Technology, Huang Wang, also interpreted this decision. He said that even the “supply chain assembly plant” as the netizens call it is not very easy. Although there are always people who like to mock certain brands as assembly plants, the integration of the industry chain is to spend a lot of energy and effort, even insignificant hardware is not in place, it can easily make the whole project delayed.

Similar to Apple and Huawei choose independent research and development, although this road is more difficult as long as the realization of the combination of software and hardware, its autonomy and imagination are also greater.

However, before this industry has not a manufacturer from the independent core value of wearable, from the user’s health needs to wearable research and development of a new chip, a new system, so he wanted to explore this new road. He believes that he cannot give up because of the risk and cannot retreat because of the difficulty.

He also said that strong as Apple and Huawei’s initial involvement in the field of chips and systems will also suffer from the industry to question the bearish, but he believes that the persistence and bravery of a few people to change the world and change people is life.

Huami Zepp OS for Wearables

Besides the self-developed Huangshan 2s wearable SoC, Huami also introduced Zepp OS for wearables with self-research. Huami Technology said that Zepp OS will meet in Q4 this year.

Huami Technology said that health is the core value of smart wearable, the past based on the cell phone operating system magic and various use of the ready-made embedded real-time operating system or too heavy too complex, or not suitable for the user experience of smart wearable products.

Therefore, Huami Technology has prepared a set of health-focused native smartwatch operating systems, Zepp OS, specifically for users. Officially, Zepp OS is based on the FreeRTOS microkernel open-source code development, although the system package is only 55MB in size, but can be perfectly compatible with different configurations. 65% lower power consumption and 190% longer battery life compared to the previous operation of OS, improving the experience of wearable devices.

Moreover, Zepp OS integrates many cool dynamic dials inside and makes a lot of smooth dynamic effects in different interfaces. Most interfaces on the watch achieve more than 60FPS, and the animation effects are smooth, delicate, and vivid so that every time the user looks at the watch and every interaction can be pleasing to the eye.

Besides, Huami Zepp OS creates an open health management platform, which supports 4G/5G modules at the bottom, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity in the watch, integrated TCP/IP network stack, and can launch network calls to the cloud in case of emergency; attaches great importance to privacy protection, and has achieved EU GDPR compliance in 18 years; the open cooperation platform can provide SDK and technical support for health research.

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