ZTE Axon30 5G Live Photos Shows Under-screen Camera Upgrade From Axon20 5G

ZTE Axon30 5G Live Photos

ZTE Axon30 5G Live Photos

ZTE Axon30 5G Live Photos

Although there are not yet several new models of the under-screen front camera, the relevant technology has matured and is expected to be mass-produced soon. ZTE is about to release Axon 30 5G, which is officially said to be a new generation of the under-screen camera phone, which is now frequently previewed, the poster can barely see the location of the front camera.

Last year there is a model of an under-screen camera, the same ZTE release, that is, Axon 20, when the previous generation of under-screen camera solution, the screen lit up when also able to see a small square, some beauty.

But according to digital bloggers, the Axon 30 debuted this time with a new under-screen camera solution from Visionox, which further improves the hiding effect of the front camera. At the same time, the machine also solved the problem of high refresh rate, the screen refresh rate increased to 120Hz, reaching the current mainstream level, and the area display pixels from the previous generation of 200ppi to 400ppi.

ZTE Lv Qianhao stressed that the ZTE Axon 30 under-screen version is a new species of true full-screen, and it is a qualitative leap from the world’s first commercial under-screen phone, the ZTE Axon20. Additionally, he also shared and removed ZTE Axon30 5G live photo.

According to live photos shared by ZTE executive and Weibo blogger, shows ZTE eliminated visual differences of under-screen camera area and main display area. In photos, we can see that Axon30 under-screen area resolution is high and the difference can’t be easily spotted, and we can spot Axon20 and Axon30 difference.

ZTE Axon20 5G vs ZTE Axon30 5G

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