Huawei P50 and P50 Pro Camera Specifications Detailed

Huawei P50 and P50 Pro Camera Specifications Detailed

Huawei P50 and P50 Pro Camera Specifications

Huawei P50 series is expected to be released this month, the Huawei P50 series will certainly be released on July 29, when it will also become the first flagship model debut directly pre-installed with the Hongmeng system.

Recently, when Huawei’s vice president of cell phone product line, Bruce Lee, forwarded a microblog and commented on it, a screenshot of the phone sparked the attention of netizens. The screenshot showed the machine with a centered dugout screen design corresponding to the Huawei P50 Pro with a custom resolution of 1224 × 2696.

The imaging system has always been one of the biggest highlights of Huawei’s flagship, the strength of the Huawei P50 is also not bad, recently there is a well-known tipster Teme exposed the detailed specifications of the rear camera of the Huawei P50 and P50 Pro.

According to the revelation, Huawei P50 will use a triple camera solution, where the main camera uses the latest upgraded IMX707 sensor, and also equipped with an IMX600 lens, which should be the ultra-wide angle, and also has a 3x telephoto lens. Reports say that the IMX707 sensor has a 1/1.28-inch mega bottom with 50 megapixels and supports a quadruple output of 12.5 megapixels, a 2.44μm picture per unit area, and an aperture of F/1.7.

As for Huawei P50 Pro is a step further, upgraded to four camera combination, specifications are IMX800 + OV64A + 5x periscope + new ToF sensor, where the main camera IMX800 is the largest bottom sensor in the history of Sony, with 1/1.18 inches large bottom, can bring a qualitative improvement to the camera level, especially the night shooting performance is very worth looking forward to.

In addition to the upgrade of the imaging system, the appearance of the Huawei P50 series has finally brought the much-anticipated program, the whole series canceled the pill-type cutout screen program, standard with the center punch screen. According to the official back photos previously released, it can be seen that the machine uses a dual-curved screen, the device retains the physical volume keys and power button.


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